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Does DeerLab automatically identify unique animals?
Does DeerLab automatically identify unique animals?
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While DeerLab gives you tagging tools to identify unique animals, our auto-tagging system does not automatically name unique animals. For example, while we identify bucks, does, turkey, bear, etc., we do not give bucks a unique name.

To identify unique animals, like a specific buck, DeerLab would need to already have a model created, tested, and integrated into the system. DeerLab processes millions of photos, and it's impossible to uniquely identify specific animals without already having data on them.

To do this accurately, we would need numerous photos of that buck (or whatever individual animal you want to be named), from all different angles, so that we could analyze all his aspects, from his size, face, antlers, color, etc. To create an accurate model, especially for a buck, it would take hundreds of photos of him, training, and integration. Due to a number of factors, this is much harder than identifying an individual person.

While we don't automatically tag unique bucks, we have tagging tools in DeerLab allowing you to do this.

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