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Step 1: Create your first property
Step 1: Create your first property

To get started, create your property view using our Google maps

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Depending on your plan, DeerLab allows you to add one or more properties. Free trials are allowed to add one property and up to 10 trail camera locations.

Here's a quick video on how to add your first property.

Here's a breakdown of the step shown in the above video.

If logging in for the first time, you will see the following. To get started, select "Add Your First Property."

You will then see a page allowing you to name your property, select the time zone it's in, as well as zoom into your property.

Add a New Property

  • Name the property anything you want. "Hunt Club," "The Family Farm," etc.

  • Be sure to select the correct time zone, as we will be basing everything off of this. Once you select a time zone, you cannot change it.

Create Your Property

DeerLab does not use property lines, so you can create a property as large or as small as you want. We recommend creating a property so the view can contain all of your trail camera locations.

Quick Tip: Put a city name close to your property in the map search to zoom to that area. You can click and drag the map as well as use the plus and minus icons, located at the bottom right, to zoom in closer.

Zoom into the area where your cameras are located. Ideally, the property view would be large enough to see all of your camera locations.

Once you have added the property, select "Create Property" at the bottom of the page to save your property.

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