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What is DeerLab?

A brief overview, who it's for, and what cameras work with DeerLab

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DeerLab, simply put, is a trail-camera app that manages and analyzes your trail camera photos. Unlike apps that show or sort photos, or even predict best times to hunt off of weather variables, DeerLab aggregates the data behind your photos, allowing you to understand how animals or groups of animals move a certain times and weather conditions on the properties you hunt.

Who is DeerLab for?

While we cater to hunters in the US, DeerLab is used by different audiences around the world. Customers include:

  • Individual hunters

  • Land managers

  • Hunt clubs

  • Wildlife biologists

  • Outfitters

  • Ranchers and Farmers

  • Schools and Universities

  • Camera trap researchers

  • Trail camera enthusiasts

What cameras does DeerLab work with?

DeerLab works with all of your cameras, no matter the brand. Just upload your original photos from your computer to DeerLab.

Ready to Get Started?

If you haven't already, sign up for a free trial, and we will walk you through most of the steps. If you ever need help, select the chat window at the bottom right to ask a question, or see our Help Center that has numerous videos, how-to guides, and frequently asked questions.

Here are some helpful videos to start the process.

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