Does DeerLab work with videos?
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While you can't upload videos to DeerLab, here's a way you can track them as a sighting so they can be included in your profile reports.

Upload a screenshot or set image for video sightings

You can take a screenshot of the video, but we believe that's a little time-consuming. Instead, we upload the same photo that we have created for every video sighting. You can use the photo below or make a screenshot or photo yourself.

Once uploaded, you will see this message on the main photos page since the image does not have a timestamp associated with it.

Select the "View all incomplete Photos" button.

Once you see the photo, hover over the image until you see the "cloud" icon at the top-right of the photo. Select it to go to the main weather page.

You can then change the timestamp to match when the video sighting was taken.

After updating the timestamp, you can then tag the photo with whatever tag you want, like "big daddy," "buck," etc.

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