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What weather data does DeerLab provide for photos?
What weather data does DeerLab provide for photos?
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DeerLab automatically syncs weather data from your closest weather station to each trail camera photo you upload, even if your trail camera does not initially capture this information.

DeerLab imports the following information based on the photo's timestamp:

  • Temperature

  • Weather conditions at the time of the photo

  • Wind directions and wind speed

  • Barometric Pressure

  • Humidity

  • Visibility

  • Sunrise and Sunset time

  • Moon Phase

All modern trail cameras include timestamp information within the Exif data (Exchangeable image file format) unless it's stripped from the photo by another program or the original file is reduced in size (cell camera thumbnails).

If the timestamp is not included, you will have the option to edit the photo's date and time. Once the timestamp is edited, DeerLab will automatically update the weather information.

Reasons Why Exif Data is Not Available

  • If weather data is not automatically added to your trail camera photos, it usually means that the image was edited. While some editing programs retain the Exif data, many strips the data when the edited photo is saved.

  • Cell cameras will typically strip out the Exif data to reduce the file size when creating thumbnail images from the original image.

  • Currently, photos from an iPad will not transfer Exif data when uploaded. This is a known issue with Apple's uploading process. To get around this, we recommend uploading photos from your SD card.

  • Sometimes when an SD card from your trail camera is placed in another camera (say to view the photos), the timestamp can be removed.

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