What are some tips for uploading photos?
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Be Selective with the Photos, Or Not

It's your choice how you want to upload photos. Because DeerLab automatically groups photos in 15-minute increments when patterning bucks, you don't have to worry about skewing stats when uploading multiple photos from a short time period.

I personally upload all my photos from an SD card, but you can select what photos you want to add - it's your choice. You can always use our filter and delete features on the main Photos page to removed undesired photos.

If you do delete photos within DeerLab, we will not count them against your plan's quota.

Make Sure Not to Edit Your Photos

Sometimes when photos are edited or used by another device, information can be erased or changed. For DeerLab to sync weather data, we need the correct timestamp. We will let you know if you upload photos that do not have a timestamp, but we will not use them with our calculations.

A sure-fire way to have DeerLab automatically sync weather data is to upload photos from your SD card to your computer and then upload those photos to DeerLab. If you rather upload your SD card to an iPad in the field, you can, but it is not recommended as we have blocked phones and tablets from uploading. Apple and other devices automatically change the timestamps of your photos from the time the photo was taken to the time the photo was uploaded.

To get around this, sync your iPad with your computer, then use a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to upload the photos. The easiest way is to put your SD card into your computer then upload your photos to the appropriate camera location.

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