Trail camera locations can be deleted if desired.

Caution: Deleting a trail camera will also delete all the photos associated with that camera location. With historic information being so helpful, we recommend not deleting cameras unless you have to.

To Delete a Camera Location

Select "Properties" in the top navigation, then select the "Camera" button for that property.

After selecting the Camera button, you will see a list of your cameras for that property. Select the "Edit" button next to the camera you want to delete.

After selecting "Edit", you will see a "Delete Camera..." button. Selecting this will delete the camera location, which in turn will delete all photos and data associated with that camera location.

Be sure you are OK before deleting the camera as DeerLab will not be able to recover this information.

You can also Delete a Property, which will delete all associated cameras, photos, profiles, etc. for that property.

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