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What are some tips on improving photo upload speeds?
What are some tips on improving photo upload speeds?
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If you're experiencing slow speeds when uploading photos, it typically is due to a slow internet connection. Here are a few suggestions to help increase speeds:

  • Having a high upload speed can drastically help when uploading thousands of photos at a time. Most cable and internet companies market download speeds but not the important upload speed. If you're looking to upgrade your connection, focus on getting a higher upload speed. Having an upload speed of 20 to 40 MBps, or higher, is ideal.

  • Some cameras can give you the option of using lower resolutions for your photos. Today's cameras, even in the lower resolutions, still have excellent quality. Play around with your camera's settings if you feel they are taking too long. This can make a big difference in speed without making a noticeable difference in quality.

  • Try not to have streaming content going on when uploading photos.

  • Reducing the number of tabs in your browser can also help.

  • If you're uploading thousands of photos simultaneously, this can take some time, especially if you have a slower connection. In these cases, we recommend just taking a break after you start the upload process, just like you would if uploading to another online photo service.

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