The wind direction and wind speed report allow you to see how animals you profile are moving. The default view shows the wind direction and wind speed for all cameras at all times, but this can be easily filtered however you want.

How this Helps

Using this information you'll be able to see if there are specific patterns or movement trends with this animal under certain wind conditions.

Video Overview of the Wind Direction and Wind Speed Profile report.

What the Graph Means

The radial graph shows the wind direction (where the wind is blowing from). For example, the below image shows the wind blowing out of the north.

Filtering Options

There are a number of ways you can use the filter to help you understand how this profile moves during different conditions.

The main filter allows you to select date ranges, time ranges, as well as see reports from each camera location you have.

You can also break down the report by wind speed. To do this, just select the mph number to the right of the graph to turn specific wind speed ranges on or off.

Mousing over the graph will also show you additional information, like the percentage of the time this profile is moving in this wind direction.

To view the speed range and percentage just mouse over a section. If you would like to narrow down the information you're looking at select a speed within the key to enable or disable what's seen on the graph.

Like other stats for profiled animals, photos in 15-minute increments are counted as 1 sighting to improve data accuracy.

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