Where does DeerLab get its weather data?
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DeerLab retrieves historical weather data, as well as detailed forecast weather, from a variety of services around the world.

A sample of sources for our US and Canadian subscribers include:

  • The USA NCEP’s Canadian Meteorological Center ensemble model

  • The USA NOAA’s NEXRAD system

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada's Public Alert system

  • The USA NOAA’s Global Forecast System

  • The USA NOAA’s High-Resolution Rapid Refresh Model

  • The USA NOAA’s Integrated Surface Database

  • The USA NOAA/ESRL’s Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System

  • The USA NOAA’s North American Mesoscale Model

  • The USA NOAA’s Public Alert system

  • The USA NOAA/NCEP’s Short-Range Ensemble Forecast.

For customers outside North American, DeerLab gets its weather from the largest weather data providers in the world. All sources are closely monitored for consistency and data accuracy around the clock.

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